Geert Van Hoorick was born in 1968 in Lokeren, Belgium. He received a musical education (piano, music history, harmony, and for a little while also organ and horn) at the Academy for Music and Word at the Town of Lokeren. Eventually he decided not to go for a professional musical education, but for law studies. He graduated as a Master in Law at Ghent University. His Ph.D. about nature conservation law was awarded with the Belgian VDK-award for Sustainable Development. From 2000 on he is professor in administrative and environmental law at Ghent University, and he is also a lawyer. He is married, has two children and lives in Ghent.

He started composing as a teenager, but then the law studies, the professional career and the family life did not allow to spend time on composing. From 2002 on he has started composing again. He now uses the music notation software Sibelius (what allows the composer to hear what he composes while composing). As a composer he is merely self-educated and composing stays a (steadily growing) hobby, what implies that he can do it only in his spare time. Currently he is making new compositions as well as (technically) revising existing ones.

The style of Geert Van Hoorick can be called modern-classical, i.e. neo-classical or neo-romantic with some impressionist and more modern influences.

Since the end of 2006 he has been publishing his compositions on the website SibeliusMusic (now ScoreExchange), to share them. In 2008 he posted some of his compositions on the internet Composition Contest, and won some awards. Since the end of 2009 he has launched a YouTube-channel (meanwhile also with play along videos) under the name of BelgianComposer. Since June 2011 his personal website has been online. From the end of 2013 on he has begun to publish his (often technically revised) compositions for free on the website IMSLP (the Petrucci Music Library).

Meanwhile musicians from all over the world are playing his music and since 2010 there have been some performances abroad. In the near future some performances are scheduled in Belgium as well as abroad.