Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the composer Geert Van Hoorick (= BelgianComposer on YouTube).

Here you will find biographical data (under "biography"), information on all the works he has written so far (under "catalogue"), information on past and upcoming performances and later probably also CDs (under "performances"), regularly added news (under "news"), and comments from other people on his compositions (under "comments").

Also you can watch YouTube-videos of his compositions with the scores automatically moving (under "multimedia") and take a look at some photos or other videos (under "multimedia").

If you are interested in getting sheet-music by the composer, you can contact him (under "contact"). His music is also published on the website of Scoreexchange (= the former SibeliusMusic) (since 2018 it is unfortunately not anymore for free) and, step by step (and always for free), on the website of IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library (under "links").

Enjoy and thank you for visiting this website !